Want to find the perfect home for your growing family? There’s no doubt that more space and great nearby schools are at the top of your wish list, but when it comes to buying with a family, there’s so much more to know.

To find your family’s next home quickly and easily, here are a few things to think about.

How much space do you need?

I’m talking about more than just the number of bedrooms–when you’re buying for a family, you’ll probably want a separate room for the kids to play and keep their toys, such as a den or basement rec room. Plus, there’s the outdoors: a local park or backyard is great for year-round fun. Be sure to see the storage options of any home, from closets and built-ins to the garage, basement, and attic.

How adaptable is the home?

As families grow and change, so does a home. What you need in a house when your children are young won’t be the same when they get older. Making sure that the home you purchase will fit multiple stages of your life will make homeownership easier in the long run. Be sure to look into any issues that could disrupt a renovation or bylaws that will allow you to build an addition onto the home. 

Does the floorplan work for your family?

It’s not just the size of the house that matters, it’s how the home is laid out. Some buyers might want all of the bedrooms in one concentrated part of the house, while others prefer the master bedroom have its own wing. You might want an open living room-kitchen floorplan so you can easily keep an eye on the kids, or a separate play area altogether to better hide the toys.

What’s the neighbourhood like?

Researching the best schools, amenities, and distance to work might be easy, but how do you truly see what the community is like? Spending time in the neighbourhood during the day and night can provide you with a firsthand look into just how safe, friendly, and family-focused the area is. You can also ask the current owners, neighbours, or local businesses for their opinion. When you’re buying with me, I’ll provide you with a thorough overview of the community you’re interested in.