1.How will I know if there’s a problem with the house?

When we first view a home together, I will bring your attention to potential problems or features within the home that you might have missed. A professional home inspector will also have a thorough look at the home’s main systems to ensure that features such as the HVAC system, wiring, foundation, and roof are all in good condition.

2.How will I know if I’m getting a good deal?

When you’re buying a home with me, I’ll ensure that you’re making a solid investment–not just paying a random price. The home price should align with the condition of the home, the neighbourhood, and comparable properties. By completing a Comparative Market Analysis of the home, I can determine what similar homes in the area have sold for and what the market value of the home is. With a strong offer and negotiation strategy, you’ll get a great deal on a home you love.

3.What should I look for in a house?

When it comes to house hunting, you want to find a home that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Your needs will depend on your future plans and the stage of life you’re at. Take into consideration your commute, needed amenities, plans for children, ideal neighbourhood, and how much space you need. If you’re not sure what you need in your next home, I can help you figure it out.

4.How do I determine a budget?

The best way to determine a budget is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This will be one of the first steps you take in the buying process. You’ll meet with a lender who will help you determine what mortgage option is best for you, depending on your credit, debt, income, down payment, and goals. This will help you figure out how much you can afford so you can start the home search with confidence.

5.Do I really need to use a real estate agent?

When it comes down to it–yes! Even if you were born and raised in Edmonton and know the area like the back of your hand, a professional real estate agent like myself will have exclusive access to listings, neighbourhood information, and market knowledge that gives you an advantage. I can provide you with the right guidance and tips for buying a house that will make it even easier to purchase your dream home.