The Home Seller’s Playbook: Your Guide to Selling Success

When preparing your home for listing, it’s important to create a clean and inviting atmosphere that appeals to potential buyers. Here’s a pre-listing checklist for maximizing your space and showcasing your property in the best possible way:

Maximize Space and Create a Larger Look and Feel:

  • Remove family pictures, personalized ornaments, and memorabilia.
  • Put away animal food bowls, bedding, and toys.

Windows and Mirrors:

  • All windows and mirrors to be free of streaks and smudges.
  • Clean windows inside and out.

Lights, Lamps & Fans:

  • Turn on all lights and lamps to brighten up the space.
  • Replace any faulty lightbulbs.
  • Keep fans turned off.


  • Remove items that may give the perception of a smaller floor space in photos, such as trash cans, area rugs, floor mats, and door mats.

Clear Out Clutter

Lounge & Living Area:

  • Remove TV remotes, books, video game equipment, DVDs, additional clutter, magazines, portable fans, and visible electrical cords.
  • Use nice baskets for storage if needed

Bathroom & En Suite:

  • Clear out laundry baskets, trash receptacles, soap dishes (unused), tissue boxes, bath mats, and miscellaneous products.
  • NO toiletries or hair tools left out on counters, put everything in baskets under sink.


  • Ensure the shower door is clean and free of streaks.
  • Keep the toilet seat down & garbage can empty.

Towels and Taps:

  • Place fresh, coordinated towels in the bathroom, nearly double-folded for the best presentation.
  • Polish all taps and ensure no spots or water splashed.

Kitchen & Dining Areas:

  • Put away dishes and hide small appliances.
  • Clear countertops of clutter and tea towels.
  • Hide visible childproof equipment & pet food bowls


  • Clean all appliances and ensure they are free of streaks & grease.
  • Replace the oven light if it’s burned out.
  • Declutter and clean the refrigerator, removing magnets, kids’ drawings, fingerprints, and calendars. Add baking soda for freshness.
Table Setting:
  • Set the table with your best cutlery and add a center-piece like a candle or flowers.
  • White plates are best for photos.
  • Maximum 3 items on countertops.

Remember, less is more when it comes to creating a clean and spacious environment for potential buyers.


Declutter and Depersonalize:

  • Remove personal items such as family photos, excessive decorations, and personal memorabilia.
  • Clear nightstands of clutter and personal items.
  • Keep the room as neutral and inviting as possible.
  • Ensure the bed is neatly made with fresh and clean bedding.
  • Use coordinating colors and consider adding decorative pillows or a throw blanket for an added touch. White, neutral or solid colors are best.

Create a Relaxing Ambiance:

  • Open curtains or blinds to let in natural light.
  • Arrange furniture in a way that maximizes space and flow.
  • Remove extra furniture.

Clear Out Closets and Storage:

  • Declutter closets and remove any unnecessary items. Pack 50% away.
  • Organize and neatly arrange clothing and belongings.
  • Keep floors and top of closet minimal.

Keep Surfaces Clean and Minimal:

  • Remove excessive items from dressers, shelves, and other surfaces.
  • Leave some empty space to give the impression of ample storage.

Highlight Unique Features:

If there are any unique features or architectural elements, make sure they are visible and well-presented.

Proper Lighting:

  • Ensure all light fixtures are in working order.
  • Consider updating the lighting if needed.
  • ensure all bulbs are matching (white or soft white)

Consider Staging:

  • If necessary, consider professional staging to showcase the potential and create an appealing atmosphere.

Remember, the goal is to create a clean, clutter-free, and inviting space that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the bedroom. Good luck with your preparations!

Primary Bathroom

Deep Clean:

  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces, including countertops, sinks, faucets, shower/bathtub, toilet, and mirrors.
  • Ensure there are no water stains or soap scum.
Clear Countertops and Surfaces:
  • Remove personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and other toiletries.
  • Leave only minimal, decorative items like a small vase or a scented candle.

Fresh Linens and Towels:

  • Replace old or worn towels with fresh, matching towels.
  • Fold the towels neatly and consider adding a decorative touch, such as a ribbon or a towel ring.
Showers and Bathtubs:
  • Remove any personal items like shampoo bottles, loofahs, and soap.
  • Keep the shower and bathtub clean and free from any mold or mildew.

Showcase Spa-Like Features:

  • If applicable, highlight spa-like features such as a Jacuzzi tub, steam shower, or rainfall shower head.
  • Consider adding a small stack of folded white towels or a bathrobe to evoke a luxurious feel.
  • Use matching or complementary colors for towels, shower curtains, and other bathroom accessories. Plain white is always best.

Add Greenery:

  • Place a small potted plant or fresh flowers on the countertop or near the sink to add a touch of nature and freshness.

Proper Lighting:

  • Ensure all light fixtures are clean and in working order.
  • consider updating the lighting fixtures for a clean & modern look

Minimize Odors:

  • Keep the bathroom well-ventilated and clean.
  • Avoid air fresheners, use scented candles with a pleasant, subtle fragrance.

Declutter Cabinets and Storage:

  • Remove unnecessary items from cabinets, drawers, and shelves to create a sense of spaciousness and organization. 50% should be packed away.

Remember, the goal is to create a clean, spa-like atmosphere that allows potential buyers to envision themselves relaxing and enjoying the space. Pay attention to details and keep everything well-maintained.


Declutter and Organize:

  • Remove any unnecessary items and clutter from the garage.
  • Organize tools, equipment, and storage items neatly.


  • Sweep and clean the garage floor.
  • Remove any cobwebs or dust from walls and corners.
  • Wipe down surfaces and shelves.

Proper Lighting:

  • Ensure that all light fixtures in the garage are functioning.
  • If necessary, add additional lighting to brighten up the space.
Show Off Storage:
  • If you have built-in storage cabinets or shelves, ensure they are clean and well-organized.
  • Highlight the storage capabilities of the garage to showcase its functionality.
Create Space:
  • If possible, park vehicles neatly in the garage to demonstrate the available parking space.
  • Clear the floor of any unnecessary items to create a sense of spaciousness.

Exterior Enhancement

Curb Appeal:

  • Ensure the exterior of your property is clean, well-maintained, and visually appealing.
  • Trim hedges, mow the lawn, and remove any weeds or debris from the yard.
  • Make the front entrance welcoming by cleaning the door, adding a fresh coat of paint if needed, and polishing hardware.
  • Consider adding a potted plant or a decorative welcome mat.
  • Arrange outdoor furniture, if applicable, in a way that highlights the potential for entertaining and relaxation.
  • Add cushions or pillows to make the space inviting.
  • Repair any visible damage or wear, such as loose siding, broken steps, or damaged gutters.
  • Ensure windows are clean and in good condition. Paint trim, and wash inside and out.


  • Install or ensure the proper functioning of outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • Illuminate pathways and entryways to create a welcoming ambiance.
  • Consider updating the light fixtures for a modern look.


  • Trim shrubs, bushes, and trees to maintain a neat appearance.
  • Plant flowers or add potted plants to enhance visual appeal.

Clean Windows and Screens:

  • Wash windows and screens to give a fresh and well-maintained look. (inside and out)

Clear Driveway and Walkways:

  • Remove any vehicles, toys, or clutter from the driveway and walkways.
  • Ensure they are clean and free from any debris.

Remember, the garage and exterior of your property are the first things potential buyers will see. Creating a clean, organized, and visually appealing space will make a positive impression. Good luck with staging the garage and enhancing your property’s exterior!

I hope you will find these tips helpful. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, let’s set up a time to meet.

Best of luck with your staging and selling process!