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Everyone thinks spring is the best time to sell, everything just looks better in the spring!  But truthfully I love this time of year the most because there are less homes on the market!  Less homes = less competition.  Every month from Christmas on the inventory levels are going to go up and up and your competitive advantage goes away along with it.  Currently in Edmonton the inventory levels are the lowest they have been all year, they are down 9.26% from this time last year, and sales have increased 8.10%!  Buyer demand will increase in the spring but so will the competition for those buyers, November and December is the sweet spot!

If you have been thinking about selling this time of year might be perfect for you.  Plus your house will never look more magical than it does at Christmas!  Give me and call and we can talk about what he best option is for you and your family 🏡🏡

So, what’s the #1 reason to list your house in the winter? Less competition.

The #1 Reason to List Your House in the Winter

The #1 Reason to List Your House in the Winter

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