While some people might see downsizing as a downgrading, it’s really a great way to cut down on costs, clutter, and unneeded space. Like any moving process, you want to make sure you approach downsizing with as much insight and advice as you can get.

Here’s how to make the downsizing process simple, successful, and stress-free.

Declutter with Honesty

One of the most important steps to downsizing is decluttering. This requires taking an honest look at your belongings and deciding what you can and can’t live without. From your wardrobe to the dishes and oversized furniture, you want to make sure that you only bring what you need and love to your new home. Decluttering not only makes moving into your new place easier but will make your current home look cleaner and more organized, which is great for showings!

Get Started Early

When it comes to downsizing, the earlier you can start the process, the better! Start a few months before you want to list your home so you can take your time going through your belongings and planning out your new home. This will also give you extra time to sell or donate what you no longer need, instead of tossing it all in the garbage. As you get closer to closing day, you’ll have a clear vision of what your new home will look like.

Plan Out Your New Space

While the furniture you currently have might work for the home you’re selling, a smaller space means size-appropriate pieces. Luckily, there are plenty of multi-functional options that will give you the room and storage options you need. If that’s not enough, you can always rent out a storage space for the belongings that won’t quite fit in your new home.

Get in Touch with a Professional

Whether you need a hand with cleaning, decluttering, staging, or finding a new place that better suits your needs, the help of a professional can always make downsizing easier! If you’re thinking of making a move, I can help you prepare, market, list, and sell so you can move on to the next stage of your life.